Mens-Draw Brackets

Here are the teams playing today. Check to see who your team is up against!

*Check back for up-to-date scores*

  • APSU VS Campbellsville  (26-6 APSU)
  • UTC Chatt Nasty  VS  APSU (6-7 APSU)
  • WKU Shell Shocked VS UAH (25-6 WKU)
  • WCU Primetime VS St. Catharines (40-0 WCU)
  • EKU Justice League VS LWC Elite 1 (13-0 EKU)
  • UT -Tamps Spartans VS WKU Money Team (28-0 UT)
  • Berea VS Alabama A&M (0-18 Alabama A&M)
  • ARK TECH Blue Stallions VS MSU BCM Seacows (12-7 ARK TECH)
  • UVA Wise VS NKU Diddy Squad (19-13 UVA)
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