Saturday Morning: Teams & Scores

On this mornings agenda:

*Check back for up-to-date team scores*


  • Primetime WCU  VS BCM Seacows- Morehead  (27-0 WCU)
  • Shellshocked- WKU  VS Tampa Spartans- UT (27-6 UT)
  • Chatt- Nasty-UTC VS Justice League EKU (14-7 UTC)
  • Berea College VS Alabama A&M (6-19 A&M)
  • Patriots-St Catherines VS Blue Stallions- ARK TECH (6-20 ARK TECH)
  • Blazers-Texas State VS LWC Elite 2 (41-12 Texas State)


  • Going Deep EKU VS Shell Shocked WKU (19-0 EKU)
  • LWC VS Primetime WCU (12-30 WCU)
  • Diddy’s Squad NKU VS UVA- Wise Cavs (20-22 NKU)
  • Blitz- Ferris State VS UVA- Wise Lady Cavs (32-0 Ferris State)
  • WNFL VS Tigers -UNAL (38-0 UNAL)


  • LWC Elite  1 VS Primetime WCU (60-0 WCU)
  • Campbellsville VS Tampa Spartans UT (40-6 UT)
  • Patriots-St. Catherines VS UAH (20-0 UAH)
  • Berea College VS The Money Team -WKU (20-16 Berea)
  • Team Flight-APSU VS Chatt- Nasty- UTC (13-6 UTC)


  • Shell Shocked WKU  VS LWC (36-6 WKU)
  • Primetime WCU VS Going Deep EKU (39-0 WCU)
  • UVA- Wise Lady Cavs VS WNFL (12-0 WNFL)
  • Tigers UNAL VS Blitz- Ferris State (12-6 UNAL)
  • Lady Flight- APSU VS Blazers- Texas State (6-6 Tied)
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